Clubs Committee

The election of the 2020 Clubs Representatives to the AUU Club Committee (2 positions) has now concluded.

The following candidates have been declared provisionally elected:

Jan Noya Adelaide University Korean Students Association

Ashley Jayasuriya GAMES Club

The Clubs Committee is a sub-committee of the AUU Board responsible for the administration of Registered Clubs. The Committee comprises of the AUU President, an elected Director of the AUU Board, the Clubs Administrators and two elected Clubs Representatives. Clubs Committee members are required to attend and participate in regularly scheduled Committee meetings, be regularly available via email for Committee matters, and assist with Clubs activities throughout the year as requested by the AUU staff.


Notice is hereby given for the election of two (2) student club members as Club Representatives to the AUU Clubs Committee for 2019/20 term. 

Term of Office

1 December 2019 – 30 November 2020


Please note the following from the AUU Rule Concerning Committees detailing eligibility requirements for nomination:

5.3 Eligibility to nominate for clubs representative

In order to nominate for and hold the position of clubs representative on the Clubs Committee, a person must:

5.3.1 Be a Student;

5.3.2 Be a member of at least one Registered Club; and

5.3.3 Be nominated by the President (or equivalent) of at least one Registered Club.

5.3.4 Be a Member of the AUU.’


Nomination Period: 10am Monday 14th October 2019 and close 4pm Friday 18th October 2019.

Nomination forms may be obtained either:

1. By visiting the AUU Reception (Level 4 Union House) between 10am and 4pm any day of the nomination period, or

2. By completing the online nomination form below.

Please note that nominations received before 10am 14/10 or after 4pm 11/10 will not be accepted by the Returning Officer.

Nomination forms must be received by the AUU by close of nominations to be eligible. 

Regarding the requirement that the club President (or equivalent) must make the nomination, please note that it is acceptable for a President to nominate themselves.If more valid nominations are received than the number of positions available, an election will be held to elect the Committee’s clubs representatives.

Notice is hereby given that the Election, to elect the two Clubs Committee representatives for 2019/20, will be held on Friday 1st November 2019.


Polling will be open between 10am and 4pm on Friday 1st November 2019 in the Clubs space (Hartley Building).

Each President of a registered club may cast one vote in the election. The President may nominate a proxy to vote in their place; this may only be done by providing the Clubs Returning Officer with a completed Proxy Form (which can be obtained on request from no later than 4pm on Wednesday 30th October 2019. Proxies must be a current student or staff member of the University of Adelaide.

Counting will occur immediately after conclusion of voting and provisional results will be declared before close of business that day. Candidates will be invited to nominate scrutineers for the counting process.

Provisional results will be formally provided to the AUU Board in a report following the election. Please note that this election will only proceed should more than two eligible nominations be received.

A club will need to have current registration with the AUU at the time a nomination is received from a club member for that nomination to be eligible. A club will need to have a current registration with the AUU on the day of the election in order for the President (or their proxy) to be eligible to cast a vote.

If your club is not currently registered as of close of business on Thursday 31st October 2019, the President (or their proxy) will not be eligible to vote in this election. For more information regarding club eligibility please contact the clubs administrative staff via 8313 5760 or