Club Grants


As an organisation that’s run by students, for students, one of our goals at the Adelaide University Union is to encourage an exciting, unique campus culture. We believe that clubs and societies, our Clubs community, are one of the most important parts of any student’s time here. That’s why we run a grants program for clubs — so we can work with student groups to create experiences people will remember for the rest of their lives.


The Clubs grants program aims to promote a dynamic, collaborative and inclusive student experience. It does this by encouraging clubs to engage with each other, the Union, and the student community in the creation of unique, innovative experiences and opportunities.

Clubs grants are split into different categories based on the type of funding/activities. They include the following:

  • Basic Resource Grants: funding for essential items like banners, flyers, and a special New Club Start-Up grant
  • Minor Grants: funding for small-medium events and equipment or resources
  • Major Grants: funding for large-scale events (apply via email to Clubs Admin)
  • Campus Impact Grants: funding for large on-campus events/projects that are innovative, inclusive, and contribute to the student cultural experience (apply via email to Clubs Admin

To read the full info and instructions for applying for grants in different categories, see our Grants Guidelines. Please be advised that our Grant Guidelines have been updated as of September 2019.

Grants will not be provided retrospectively for costs already incurred OR for the purchase of alcohol.

If you're not sure what a grant proposal might look like, take a look at this simple grant example.

Minor Activities Grants and Major Activities Grants

These grants require additional review and approval, so there are deadlines for submissions.
You should always submit applications as early as possible.

Keep in mind the following points while applying:

  • Applications should be submitted as early as possible
  • Applications must not take place before the relevant outcome date
  • Applications for purchases or events that have already taken place will not be approved
  • Failure to submit a timely application may result in rejection of your application
  • Applications for Major Grants or Campus Impact Grants have closed for 2019.

Applications must be submitted by 12pm  on the deadlines listed below in order to be considered prior to the subsequent outcome date.  

Application Due Date  Outcome
Wednesday 13 February 19 - 20 February
Wednesday 13 March 19 - 20 March
Wednesday 10 April 16 - 17 April
Thursday 16 May 23 - 24 May
Tuesday 28 May 11 - 14 June
Wednesday 10 July 16 - 17 July
Thursday 8 August 15 - 16 August
Thursday 12 September 19 - 20 September
Thursday 10 October 17 - 18 October
*Monday 11 November  26 - 29 November

*Last day to submit grant applications for 2019

If you experience any issues whilst submitting your grant application via MyClub, please contact Clubs Admin as soon as possible.

To make an appointment with us, click here.

Apply for a grant online via My Club