All clubs need to re-register annually.

Without completing re-registration, your club will no longer be listed with Clubs, and lose the benefits that come with registration, including access to grants, insurance cover, and equipment for hire. Annual re-registration also allows you to make sure you have an up-to-date Adelaide University Licensing Agreement.

The process of re-registration requires submission of the following documents - templates can be downloaded here:

Adelaide University License Agreement Adelaide University License Agreement (32 KB)

- just date & sign the RIGHT HAND side of the agreement, scan, and submit as a PDF. Blank copies are available in the Clubs Office.

Club Committee Contact Details Club Committee Contact Details (86 KB)

Complete re-registration online via My Club  

Clubs must re-register in one of two registration periods, depending on the date that they initially registered. The committee meetings following those periods will be the only meetings at which re-registrations will be considered and approved.

Your most recent registration date can be found in My Club.

If you know when your club last registered, follow the guide below to determine which semester you will need to re-register in:

2019 registration 2019 registration
January First semester registration period:
1 April - 12 April
July Second semester registration period:
1 September - 22 September

Please note that registration is considered to have occurred when the Committee is able to approve the application. So your club is registered from the date of the relevant Committee meeting, rather than the date of submission. If you are unsure when your club registered last, please contact Clubs Administration.