Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) exists to represent students.

We do this in different ways. We run campaigns and events, lobby on behalf of students to governments, the University and the wider community and participate in University decision-making through various committees and working groups.

The officers and members of the SRC are democratically elected annually, by and from the students of the University of Adelaide. The SRC is a not-for-profit incorporated association, affiliated to the Adelaide University Union.

There are SRC Office Bearers who advocate for specific student groups and issues (including Queer Officer, Welfare Officer, Education Officer, Environment Officer) – you can find the full list of your Office Bearers is here.

Do you have a nagging problem at Uni? Or perhaps great ideas for us? Or you just want to come say hi?

We work out of our office on Level 3 of Union House - tucked away upstairs in Fix Student Lounge. We can give you advice on any problems you might have and where to get help or hear any campaign or events ideas you have. During academic term, we hold fortnightly meetings that are open to all students so you can come along and hear us report back on what we have been doing or give some input yourself!

You can visit us on Level 3 (Upstairs from Fix Student Lounge).

Contact us on 8313 3895 or email the President directly via

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