SRC Governance

Constitution of the Student Representative Council March 2013 Constitution of the Student Representative Council March 2013 (303 KB)

SRC Executive Regulations SRC Executive Regulations (283 KB)

Standing Orders Standing Orders (321 KB)

SRC Casual Vacancy Regulations SRC Casual Vacancy Regulations (282 KB)



There are two casual vacancies on the SRC: International Student Officer and Women's Officer. You can read the Notice of Casual Vacancy and apply using the form below.

If you would like further information about the position/s, please contact the SRC President or the SRC Administrator.

Please note that both roles are volunteer positions and are not remunerated. 

How is a casual vacancy filled?

  1. The position is advertised for a minimum of two weeks.
  2. The SRC Executive forms a selection panel and interviews applicants.
  3. The SRC Executive prepares a report for Council. This may include a recommendation for a preferred candidate.
  4. The SRC Council may approve or not approve the Executive's recommendation. 
  5. If no candidate is deemed appropriate, the position will be re-advertised.

Applications close on Monday, 2 July. 



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SRC International Student Officer
SRC Women's Officer