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Daily attention to your seedlings is required for 15 minutes per day for watering and monitoring and 1 hour per week for maintenance. Please note: this does not include the initial set up.
Your own home!
Light-medium lifting,Other Ability to keep a daily commitment. A green thumb is an advantage!

Volunteer from the comfort of your own home! Trees for Life is looking for Volunteer Grower to raise native seedlings in their backyard over summer from seed, ready for planting by rural landholders & revegetation projects in autumn.

What you need to become involved:
Daily attention is required from November to May. We estimate 15 mins per day watering & monitoring and 1 hour per week for maintenance, plus the initial set up. Set up is time consuming - tube filling takes one hour per box with one person (we recommend you get some friends to help out here).
An appropriate site
You must be able to provide a space in direct sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours a day. Six boxes take up one square metre. A raised growing bench It is critical to keep your boxes off the ground away from slugs, soil-borne diseases, weeds and animals so you will need to set up a growing bench at waist height. Your bench must be sturdy, free draining and allow good airflow.
You will need to cover your seedlings with a 50% density shadecloth during the early stages of growing.
Some bore water and saline water may not be suitable. If you can grow vegetable seedlings you should be able to grow native seedlings. We estimate that growing 10 boxes may add up to $10 to your mains water bill.
We run distribution depots at various locations across SA. You will need transport to collect your materials.
To manage your health
A full box of soil weighs 12kg when dry and more when wet. Most people can lift them but if you have back problems or difficulty lifting, you will need reliable help. Masks are supplied for use when working with soil.
Resources available for growers
You will receive the Growers Handbook, a stepbystep instruction booklet with your growing kit.

Our friendly staff are available to provide support and advice to growers. Please call with your questions on (08) 8406 0533.

Grower Workshops run through Oct & Nov and will take you through the growing process step by step. They are free to attend by registered volunteers.


To find out more and apply, contact info@treesforlife.org.au


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