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Volunteer with Oaktree: Internships
The Oaktree Foundation

5 Interns and 5 Recruitment Interns
1-2 days per week

Adelaide SA 5000
Administration,Community Services,HR & Recruitment,Other


Oaktree’s major projects, such as Live Below the Line, are important methods to gain support, raise funds, and spread the word about the movement to end poverty. Our Oaktree Intern will play a crucial role in providing support in helping run these campaigns to the best of our abilities. As Oaktree Intern, you will become part of the Oaktree family in our SA branch and gain exposure to some of Oaktree’s most fundamental campaigns and outreach strategies. In this role, you will be responsible for building relationships with external organisations and community groups within South Australia to grow Oaktree’s brand, promote campaigns, create revenue streams and strengthen our impact.


Recruiting the best possible volunteers for Oaktree is essential in continuing to grow and develop as an organisation, and be effective in our work. At Oaktree we are committed to supporting and encouraging a diverse range of people to get involved with us, and our Recruitment Interns help make this happen. As a Recruitment Intern, you are responsible for helping ensure our recruitment process is efficient, inclusive and produces ideal candidates. You’ll be in a unique and central position, communicating with people in Oaktree internally, and with external applicants, as well as reaching out to other organisations to assist with our diversity plan.

We value will over skill, determination over degrees, and passion over years of experience.

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The Oaktree Foundation

Adelaide SA 5000

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